Address Plaques FAQ

Address plaques, house numbers, professional shingles and commercial signs don’t have to be dull and colorless anymore. No need to compromise durability, quality or affordability.

Tiles& Ceramic Address Plaques & Signs are printed on a selection of tiles in a variety of sizes. You can use one of our beautiful designs or design your own plaque from scratch. If you don’t see a design that exactly fits your needs, let us know and we’ll create one. Tiles& Address Plaques and Signs can be any size you need – in single-tile or multi-tile formats.

Single-Tile Plaques & Signs

Up to 8×13”. Horizontal and vertical formats.

Multi-Tile Plaques & Signs

You can split your design between multiple tiles to get signs as large as you can imagine them. You get the beautiful effect of tiling, the warmth of ceramic, and the rich, colorful detail of DigitalGlaze.

Address Plaques

House numbers and address plaques don’t need to be drab. Now you can have home address signs made to order in vibrant colors – and legible from across the street.

Professional Shingles

Ceramic Signs are a great way to let the world know about you and your practice. Your name plus logo, or any piece of art that expresses your expertise and passion.

Other Signs

Once we’ve filled out our catalog of house address plaque designs we’ll create signs for all the other needs you have. Let us know what you’d like, and we may push that to the front of the line.


Tile Choices

We’ve sought out the finest ceramic and porcelain tile to print your art on. All tiles we offer will withstand harsh outdoor conditions. On request we rectify the edges to a spectacular clean finish that presents your sign with modern precision.

You can see each tile and get precise dimensions for installation purposes at the Tiles and Plaques gallery.…

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Plaques Pricing

Select your product, design and size and the price, as well as price break for purchasing more than one impression will be instantly shown.


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Digital File Preparation

We will print your image from a digital file you upload from our order form, OR send us an existing print and we will create a digital file for you.

For best reproduction quality files should be 300ppi at the size you would like them reproduced. You will get good results down to 150ppi. Alternately we will provide you with data enhancement service to ensure you get the best reproduction quality possible.

Send images in .jpg or .tif formats (though our imaging techs have been known to convert many other formats if nescessary, no guarantees though).

For best reproduction quality files should be 300ppi at the size you would like them reproduced. You will get good results down to 150ppi. Call to speak with one of our imaging techs for further clarification at 714.255.7959.…

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Orders are typically shipped within 5 business days of order completion and Tiles& receiving final approval of artwork. This may be longer for large projects.

We offer a selection of shipping methods for your convenience which will determine the time it takes for your items to reach you or your dealer.…

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Mounting Ceramic Plaques & Signs

Art Tiles can be mounted in numerous ways:

Grouting: Art Tiles can be grouted in the same way that all kitchen or patio tile is. If inserting a tile, mural or montage in the midst of other tile it is recommended that you use exactly the same style of tile from the same manufacturer. If you have already selected tile for a project you can use our COM (Customer Own Materials) program.

Tape: Double stick foam tape provides a simple means of attaching tiles to just about any flat surface. You can order your Art Tiles with tape applied – all you need to do is precisely locate the tile, remove the protective wax paper and press the tile firmly into place for a very durable bond.

Epoxy: Epoxy glue can be purchased at your local hardware store and is a great option to mount the tiles in a permanent fashion

Shadow Mounting: Creates a striking effect by mounting your Art Tiles with a half inch offset from the wall.

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